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Navy Strength Rum

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Cotton & Reed's exclusive Navy Strength Rum. Now available online for $50 per bottle.

Free shipping on orders of 3 bottles or more. Ships in 1-2 business days.

Rum and the Navy used to go together like... like any number of clichés about things that go well together. Which is to say, sailors drank a lot of rum in the navies of old. While rum and the Royal Navy broke up around the same time the Beatles did, the association lives on. Like the Beatles’ groundbreaking catalog.

Paying tribute to that legacy, we bottle select barrels of our rum at 114 proof, the minimum strength allowed onboard naval vessels. If spillage brought underproof rum in contact with gunpowder, it would no longer ignite, requiring rum kept in a ship’s crowded hold to be quite strong indeed. Plus, let’s be honest, rum cocktails are all about fun. And our research has found a linear relationship between proof and fun.

We find strong notes of vanilla and apricot in our Navy Strength Rum.